Summit 2011

Following the Future Search model, the 2011 Home Birth Consensus Summit, held in October at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, VA, fostered the dialogue needed to spark constructive action towards safe, culturally competent, and respectful care for women who desire home birth. Delegates explored every facet of the existing system, engaged in frank and productive conversations, and proposed ways to move forward in the future. All stakeholder delegates were engaged in this consensus-building process. The process also catalyzed unusual and unprecedented alliances between practitioners and consumers, researchers and ethicists, physicians and midwives. By the close of this Summit, the stakeholders and leaders present arrived at nine Common Ground Vision Statements which represent areas of common ground and shared priorities for further discussion and action. Newly formed multi-disciplinary Task Forces agreed to carry initiatives forward. Simultaneously, many individuals identified personal commitments within their own spheres of influence related to improving conditions for women planning home birth. Other leaders took the vision statements to their national organizations and constituents for endorsement, commentary, and/or action.


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